Last year 2008, backpacks were definetly coming back in force,,,I could have bet the trend would bloom to mass…but i guess it wasnt ready yet,,,Try again 2009… This will be the year of the coming back of the 90 trendy way to carry a lot of weight without getting shorter on the right side, or spending money on visits to the massage spa,,,if by 2010 you dont have a designer back pack your totally out,,,trust me,,,
I can feel it in the air,,,
Many cool designers are giving it a try,,, Raf simons for eastpack , Alexander wang, or fjallraven the swedish outdoor brand popular in the 70’s. The new era is in need of a pratical but still cool fashion way to carry your mac around, your tons of magazines and ipod, blackberry and whats so ever our society imposes us,,,nowadays people are like turtles carying around they house around the world,,,
You can’t stick anything you need in your cute little Balenciaga,,,so Fashionista be ready to loose the purse,,,and get Cool,,,
Vintage Revival in modern skin,,,made of leather, technical fabric, cool designs. Cool colors,,,all styles, all tastes all prices,,,but definitly Get yourself a COOL BACKPACK. This products totally adapts to our New Lifestyle if you think about it,,,we need work stuff, gym stuff, party stuff, can’t go back home no time and no cab fare,,,This is the solution,,,carry around everything you need for your intense daily routine.

Recession Oblige, next trend to follow the lead will be the picnic lunch boxes to fit in your back packs,,,Just waiting for cool designs and cool receipes,,we will keep you updated,,,




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