Ah Marketing quand tu nous tiens,,,!


Today Luxury brands are trying to appeal to a larger target, and mass market brands are trying to appear special and exclusive with capsule collection, limited editions, or cool testimonials. Its called a win-win partnership.
Jimmy choo wants to sell a piece of theyre dream to younger “sex and the city” crowd a powerful advertisement for the brand, whereas Jil Sander after all those years of struggling her brand is making her official comeback in the business with this collaboration: a success? We can predict it will be a big one.
And High quality handcraft luxury Hermes partners up with Liberty The British prints icon. This looks more like a friendship collaboration, very limited, very luxury, very London but not too unatainable. Just be very fast it only last one month!(september shhhshhh don’t spread the secret)
So we can see that those 3 types of collaborations have all differents types of goals. None of them will be in the first place to make money but to increase brand awareness. They will all build a bubble for a while and then pouff the souffle goes down, back to reality, everyone back where it comes from, who’s in fifth and who’s in Broadway. You can’ t pretend to long to be what your not.

This is the new marketing strategy partenerships. To try different targets, to play with the brand image to see what association could be done, its good sometimes, confusing some others. The brand has power but be careful not to devalue it. For now we are still enjoying the power of luxury for a lighter price and we like it. Although, the real price has to be attribute to the real things, and customers will ask for this, more and more. Brand is not sufficient anymore, quality, and innovation will be the key to sucess.

Only for now, one advice: Ready, Steady, Go!!!!



Jimmy Choo for H&M


Uniqlo+Jil Sander= Pure Delice


J+Uniqlo= Pure delice

P.S: It looks like EVERYONE wants to have a trendy, sexy , luxury partner, see Kate moss collection for Topshop, or Louboutin for the delicious Laduree macaroons. And with an new entry: figues and dates delicacy, I can already  feel it melting in my mouth,,,mmm,,, The two masters will associate for a top exclusive box designs only during september (11th), a good start to avoid the working routine. If you can’t afford a pair of Louboutin, you can still get a piece of the dream with a rasberry or pistachio Macaroon,,,and don’t forget to lick your fingers, we won’t tell anyone!



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