What is your favourite color?
Pumpkin Pudding? Mapple sugar? Tea with milk? Pale Periwinkle?
I really don’t know it makes me wanna eat them all,,,
This is only very few names of the 500 colorpencil collection from Felissimo.

What is Felissimo?From New YOrk: Exhibits, design, charity, eco-friendly,,,and now pencils…
Felissimo is very very COOL: “Our design goal is to celebrate the unique genius of every individual and use it to inspire others. We want the world to see that every invention, every creation of which we are capable of, carries with it the capacity to enhance us individually and improve us collectively.”
This is the real meaning of sharing and of FUTURE,,,What do you think?

If you want to be part of this Rainbow of Love: http://socialdesigner.com/competitions/500-colored-pencils-banner-poster-competition
The 500 Colored Pencils program supports UNESCO DREAM Centers – 1 set out of every 100 sold is donated to UNESCO to support arts education for underprivileged children around the world.

No guilt all pleasure,,,
Everyone can be an artist for 25 pencils,,,,




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