*Make-up Concept*


I  don’t like make-up. I only wear make-up if I really have to. Because I feel it’s not me, it’s fake and sticky. I guess it’s very good for my wallet, it’s like being a non smoker, you save money but manage to spend it on other stupid stuff anyway.

Sometimes make-up is good though, at night, or after a bad night. And sometimes it’s Cool too.
I picked Fred Farrugia Make-up Artist New Line with a background as Lancome creative director (remember the Juicy Tubes, I loved the watermelon…) it can only be fun, new and cool and not to mention that it’s designed by Ora-Ito the french Uber designer. Cool meets Cool.
Exclusively launch in September for Sephora. (20 Euro for one module)

What we like about it it’s that all the products come in single units, so that customers can create their own customized palettes. You don’t have to buy the all the palette and just use one or two colors, as usual you get stuck with the blue or the green you’ ll never use, and no one would ever buy separately anyway.
This time You choose! And believe me the choice will be tough…

Also, you can use your fingers and melt in the soft textures, no need to have a thousands different brushes in your little clutch while holding your mirror and looking like a monkey to the taxi driver, Fred is practical and brush free,,,

I think I will start to make my face up…




One thought on “*Make-up Concept*

  1. Cool! is it all the make up that we need all together?
    eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, gloss all in one?
    nice… i should get it too!
    btw i like reading this post, so funny the way you write it.
    keep it up!

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