Sweet September,,,


What is the inspiration of the moment? What do you feel like? It’s the end of summer, and the beginning of everything. Summer is like a sweet “”, but it is so good because it doesn’t last forever.

I just needed to say something about September,,,Everyone feels Fall spirit. Especially girls.

September is Bittersweet, Happy Nostalgia…The smell of the chesnut trees, school memories.

You can feel it in the air, summer is over. The Freshness of the city is back, the pace is faster and the crowd slowly getting bigger. This little pinch you have in your stomach a mix of excitement and of not knowing how will start your new year,..
September, IS the New Year. New Start. New projects. And New Fashion.

3 Kilos of  FASHION ISSUE…To cheer you up…And here is your smile on your face,,,


Aspirations, Dreams, Wishes,,,
Leather, Feather, Silver,,,

Just close your eyes, and let the wind blow in you hair, let your immagination fly and warm up in your new Perfect -Perfecto .

Life is sweet in September.
Let’s enjoy the best moment of the year: Fashion Week.




2 thoughts on “Sweet September,,,

  1. Its the smell of brown-ed leafs falling from trees, chilly autumn nights where you need to carry a light cardigan, and stores making room for those fall hue colors outfits. “Wake me up, when September ends…”

  2. Soon thoughts turn to pumpkins, homemade pies, raking leaves, crackling fires and steamy hot cider. Autumn is the perfect time for love. No other season comes �dressed� for the backdrop of a love play like Autumn. With Autumn comes the sense of urgency to get things done quickly before all becomes enveloped in the hush of winter white.

    “Ti ho appena toccato e ti ho già tradito,
    -non incolpare me- incolpa il mio vestito”

    P.S. I love rain jackets.

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