Post Industrial Studios

Is A youth attitude, recycle/reproduction and Re-use/humanity of Post industrial Era.
I ended up in Chinese vogue, looking at some great outfits, although I don’t read Chinese, luckily the name was written in English. It got to my curiosity and I checked it out on the web. I wasn’t disappointed.
The sensual whispering man is totally something unusual. The brand likes to keep a little mystery.
The brand was born in Shanghai in 2005, by 2 chinese women designers with international experience in Donna Karan New York, Givenchy Haute-Couture,,,
They specialized in deconstructed clothing and black and white simple design.
The concept is almost a made-to-order fashion as they have their own stand in Lujiabang Lu the mecca of shanghainese tailor made clothing.
But they also have their own collection, exposed in a small retail space located between 2 little old chinese stores style in zizhong Lu right behind xintiandi.
The store is a 2 floors little white building where upstairs you can find a VIP room made as an artistic studio, to involve the customer in the making process.
In addition, their real Studio in located near the Bund.
The clothes are very creative and futuristic black and white mainly. Inspired from conceptual designer such as Helmut Lang. The fabrics are good quality, and the price is very reasonable!

Tops from 300 RMB- or 30 Euro
Dresses from 500 RMB- or 50 Euro.

This is the future of China, accessible and cool brands, with a strong concept and Identity. A little bit on the Japanese road of success.




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