Last Sunday was the last day of Shanghai contemporary Art Fair. While walking around the big corridors full of galleries stand from artists of Asia Pacific, two things striked me:

1- Skulls: Fun and colorful.

2- Pop-Art: Andy Wharol inspiration, bright colors, uses of materials.

I don’t know much about contemporary art and it’s deeper in-between lines meanings. Although some artists were very creative as well as decorative. I would totally hang them on my walls! My favourites were Corean + Japanese = Comtemporary and Easy.


Butterfly dream by Song Kwang Nyun

bai yiluo

By Bai yi luo skull detail


By Bai yi luo

TungLung.colorful life

Colorful life by Tung Lung


By Zoucao

chen Fei

By Chen Fen

yoon jong seok

Cashmere Mafia By Han Yajuan

shoi so young

By shoi so young


By Unknown

So, Inspired ?



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