Retro & Vintage Lovers

cutler women

Get used to the round shape,,,It’s IN.

Jonny depp, John Lennon,,,It’s Cool and hot. The Hippie style is back,,,slowly but surely. Never throw your Wayfarer , but you can put them in your drawer for a while. If you want a glamour version check these brands-not only for round shapes but also for Retro-Vintage looks.

CUTLER AND GROSS – London- British Cutting Edge and extravagance.

OLIVERS PEOPLE – Los Angeles- Known and Expensive but one of the trendsetters.

L.G.R – Roma- Uber Cool and Unique. Italian Elegance meets perfect Handcraft.

VISUAL CULTURE– Hong- Kong- A shop with the best selection from around the world, No famous brands only small and authentic producers.

SUPER – Italy- New, strong and cool.


You can spot some really cool sunglasses in flea markets around the world,,,I have always thought that markets are the coolest and trendiest places ever. Let me tell you a few of my secret places;)

RIO DE JANEIRO: rua de Lapa and rua mem de sa‘. Sundays it’s the cool place to be in Rio.

BERLIN: MauerPark market. @weekends-Great atmosphere- if it’s raining put on some rain boots, you might get muddy! And stop for a Nutella Crepe or French Fries, UNforgettable.

LONDON: Bricklane. Of course you’ve heard of it,  it is cool and famous- don’t stay safe and attached to the first stands, but walk, walk and get into this infinite street of used crazy stuff. Half way stop for a beer in the yard and talk to your punk neighboors. This is the real London Spirit.

As sad as it sounds, I can’t give you any addresses of Flea Markets in Shanghai,,,Because THERE ISN’T! No vintage except for fake-old Chinese objects in the old town area. Although I can give you one place where you could feel a little somewhere similar than a charming and typical sunday market:

SHANGHAI: Taikang lu. Little old styles walking lanes- make sure your bargaining technique is strong. I f you need tips email-me…I have plainty :>)Oh and do enter into those insignificant stores where the stuff is just hanging randomly, you need time to search but you can find the coolest dresses ever (they resale the stuff for 4 times the price in the cute little boutiques you find around French Concession!)

ITALY: Piazza Santo Stefano, Bologna. And every little town around florence in the chianti hills. @ weekends go for a ride, and stop half way for a Grigliata at CECCHINI the traditional yet Design Tuscan butcher. Go for the Accoglienza Menu and share it,,

BAck to Authentic.




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