Celine. The name of a great writer.
Celine. The name of my friend,
Celine. Oh yes an old luxury brand. Famous in the 90s no? Can’t really remember, don’t really care.I used to cross the shop everyday from my way home. Never stopped to look at the window though.Honestly.

The feeling of freshness you get when you enter the store. Essentials. It breathes newness.
As a matter of fashion it is is a perfect brand in all the possible ways. The cuts are just perfect. Its colours are fashionable with the right balance of classicism. Neutrals, and bold true colours, navy, red or green emerald.
It fits with every jewellery, it is simple and truly elegant.
No logo to make it complicated. It is auto-sufficient.
Luxury here is not a feeling it is a reality, and it is very simple.
By the structure of the garnement through the fabric and the displays.
Essential, not overloaded. Clean.
It is almost too quiet, inside. Peaceful.
Well all this is the perfect example how much the creative director aesthetics is important for a brand and that logo is not enough today.
Phoebe Philo ex designer of Chloe, the long time cheriched clothes of independant women.
I cannot immagine how much fun and satisfaction Phoebe Philo should have had rebuilding it from scratch.She was given “carte blanche” meaning here are the keys, enjoy, we trust you. We trust Phoebe because she is a woman with a great vision of life and down to hearth. With one interview she conquisted the unpitable /unpitiness world of fashion.
Well this was a challenge 100 % well accomplished. We cannot wait for september, to see the show. And we expect it to be really cool.
There are still dreams out there.

By M.

SS 11 Resort


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