6 hours In Singapour

First time , playing blackjack at the casino and a stop at Raffles for a singapore sling.

Second time what could  you do if you are a girl and you have a few hours to spend in a totally new city whithout your boyfriend:


Because you would love to see all the museums but unfortunalty they will be all closed by the time you arrive (7 pm)  and because it will take to much time anyways.
So free of baggage and my canon around my neck i ran into a taxi and put the timer on my watch, I had exaclty 4 hours to take back with me the best of Singapore street designers and fashion.
First stop was arab street and Haji lane.
A sucession of small cool shops one next to the other, often with 2 or 3 floors like a little house. Colorful and full of music.
Most of them closed at 8, 9 PM. My luck.

Right next door crowed cafes and small restaurants with terraces and a lot of plants. Green Singapore is very green and you can feel freshness.
Lots of white people, less of asians, lost of Indians, we are next to Little India, and it’s chaos. Curry  and noodles smells.

Far East Plaza, open until 10 pm:
This open mall is for a young and stylish crowed, no brands. But small shops, some korean vintage and some hongkong small edgy designers.
A lot of bad fake leather shoes and handbags stores, but if you look well some are quite interesting like this one: EXHIBIT store.

ORCHARD ROAD by night in a taxi behind the open window all the lights running, felling the humid air getting lighter. It felt nice.

Last shot and off we fly.

By M.


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