Born in Santiago del Chile 1980.
Grew up his ideas in Buenos Aires and Santiago.
Graduate in Industrial Design at University Diego Portales in Chile.
Internship In Berlin Industrial Design University.
Industrial Design in architecture University of Florence.
In collaboration with UN-REAL design studio in Florence he worked on different projects (one of the most important for UNION BINDING COMPANY)
And now developping projects for its own.

Your Philosophy:

Design a window on the futur. Anticipate the future.

Your Icons:
– John Lautner (Architect)
– For its future vision : Buckminster_Fuller

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Constant research and anticipate future scenaries. When I look at an object I see how it could be in my future.

Not only Immagine an idea but put them into reality.

Define an Industrial Designer:

Improve a common use object, a tool you use everyday in order to transform it in something unique, and not so common. Banal gets Unusual.
But its is hard to reach to fame.

So in which type of Designer do you feel part?
The bastards. A free spirit. Multiprojecter.
Where there is a potential i can see something for  the future. To anticipate the new designs.

What about your last project?
A Private Loft, tha concentrate in a space 3 different moods with 3 diff.objects.
No walls, the concept is to divide the space with different shapes. Harmony research between shapes and objects. A new way to conceive the spaces and its
The kitchen is made of Corian, with lighted .

There are no links between  verticals and orizontals.  And the baseboard is made with L.E.D light.

What are you afraid of regarding the futur:
That they will be none.

An obsession?

Womens Hair

Whats next?

A guitar that plays the futur.

By M.


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