Leica by Hermes

I used to love shopping. Since I shop for stores my compulsive passion has totally stopped which is much better for my bank account. Actually it made me be the opposite I became minimalist and essential. Now i start to understand why most of people disguise in black in fashion it is to be neutral so your mind doesn’t get confused by new colours all the time. And black never goes out of fashion.
The concept for people working in this industry is that everything that is in the stores now seems old and out of fashion already. It is always about finding the new IT thing at first. Fashion is a concept that should be in your blood if you want to survive.
Fashion is all about time. It is fast and instantaneous. Like a instant cup noodle: buy eat, and throw.
Tomorrow, consumers will be driven by 4 things:
– keep a bag more than 3 months not looking ridiculously last season.
– Being ask, this is so nice where is it from? And the answer could be anything you decide, because unreconizable luxury is what mature consumers will want tomorrow. No sign, no show, just beautiful colour, shape and touch.
– Timeless products that you can were with everything, and not think too much about fashionably correct.
– Personal taste (unfortunatly, sometimes is is quite ugly)

Luxury has change logos into this:

Products have become a LOGO. The product speak for it-self.
Marketing today is about individuating one product, material colour, that could become the logo identification of the brand. This is how luxury has moved from the 90’s to the 2010’s.
Materials, colours and shapes that are Unique, identify and differentiate one brand to another. And the job is quite tough today. It is the war of handbags.
Eventually people will get tired of seeing the same things everywhere and brands would have to move towards an another strategy to keep their clients.
SERVICE and FLEXIBILITY will be the next logo?
Can you make me a fridge in crocodile? Or a tooth brush in gold?
Lifestyle is beyond fashion.
Luxury is first of all a lifestyle and an attitude.
I believe the brand that can make anything you want will be the winner of this ultra-competitive industry.
It is with service that you win over your competitors. Be better and offer the impossible. 100 % satisfaction.
Brands are driven by their consumers. The only power they don’t have is to make a choice for them.
But the real challenge today is to attract people that understand your products: the understated. That buy because they LOVE and BELIEVE in you. These are the people that will be the prophet of your story and will create a dream epidemy.



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