Turkish Delights

Ignorantly the only thing I knew about Turkey was Kebab and Loukoums…I discovered a cool city behind the scenes.

<<<<<<20 Things to do in Istanbul in 140 Hours>>>>>>

Hotel Londra in Begolu, typical, old and dusty, art deco, full of souvenirs and tropical birds in cages.

Climb up Galata tower and admire the 360 view of Istanbul after breakfast in a sunny and cold day.

Walk down to the shore through tunnel streets full of musical instruments small shops. eventually buy a guitar…

Stop to one of these fruit juice shops off the streets and have a pomegranata and orange fresh juice.

Stop for lunch at the local fish market hiden behind the boats accessories stores down galata area(not the famous one that I don’t recommend at all), greatest fish ever, even though I discovered the sardines were fished from the bosphorus which was kind of gross…maybe ask for the fried calamari that live in the sea…

Of course a tour of the Mosquee, wrap around your head a foulard and let you become someone else.

After this magical trip into the culture finish up the day with an intense Public Hammam session. Relaxing is a big word, you get scrubbed intensively up and down, after it your skin feels like the butt of a baby…And the massage is more of a torture. The one thing garanteed to make you feel good about yourself is that you feel a super model among the crowd…

Relax and dine in a cozy turkish place… I recommend for a typical dinner Galata House, order the Georgian Ravioli and Gulash veal. Talk to the owner from Istanbul who is multi-lingual and a very interesting person and listen to is wife songs that are creepy but it makes you in the local mood…

Then stops at the Jazz club in the same street for a last beer.

By M.


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